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I’m interested in the ways we connect to our environment. I find it important to have a physical experience of place in an increasingly dislocated world, and undertake long walks, immersing myself in a paradoxical activity of being there, while passing through. I want to find out about the ways we belong; how we orientate ourselves within history; how we get a grip on our own impermanence.


A walk is an in-between time; an act of becoming. It is a slowly unfolding event where the attention is constantly shifting. I walk in order to fully engage with a place, helping me to understand distance and the space between people and places to which I feel a sense of belonging. I’m fascinated by the layers of time embedded in the landscape, and I often investigate routes or locations which previous generations of my family have been connected to, looking for echoes of the past that resonate with present concerns.


My work considers social, historical and geographical networks within the context of a particular place through a personal physical experience. I draw out universal metaphors which resonate on a deeper level, seeking an authentic, significant or enduring trace of a transient experience.


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